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Future Plans:

This website is under construction and will evolve over the years.  Change is inevitable, but the change must be better for all of us.  Your ideas and mine may differ, neither of us will always be right or have the same vision for the world, but we must all survive, respect, and get along with one another.  Please come back and check us out.

How to Use this site:

First, we would suggest you browse the site to get familiar with it, then go to the Personal Plan menu to start your plan.  Developing a good personal and investment plan is the most important thing.  We want everyone that visits this website to have a better and more prosperous life.  To accomplish this you need to plan and make good decisions.  Then we also suggest you look at how to grow the US economy so we can all become more prosperous. We encourage you to bookmark this site and the associated sites that are of interest to you or make it your homepage to help you accomplish your goals.

We will be posting various items under Messages.  Check in regularly to get the latest information.

This site provides the following under the menu headings:

  1. Personal Plan – Area that helps you develop your personal financial plan
  2. Investing – Area that explains Investing
  3. Government – Explains various government entities, how they affect you, and how to participate in the plan to make America prosper
  4. About –  Explains the website operations and various policy matters
  5. Messages  Investing ideas, updates on Gov’t, changes in technology, and miscellaneous items

Our Experience:

We performed the following activities during our lives:

  1. Stock Broker New York Stock Exchange – Kidder Peabody & Co.
  2. Revenue Auditor – State of Washington Department of Revenue
  3. State Examiner – Washington State Auditor’s Office – Financial Audit Team
  4. Managing Principal – Regional CPA Firm
  5. A successful investor with over 60 Years of Experience

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